Advent Wreath Craft

First things first, happy first week of Advent! To celebrate, it’s time for our first official craft post! This week in Sunday school my students and I made Advent wreaths! The idea for this came completely from Catholic Icing (which I am a big fan of!) They had great instructions for how to make this  (far better than I could ever explain, trust me…) 

This was my first year making these with students and I must admit, they turned out far better than expected! Keep in mind, I have a small class this year so I was able to help each child individually for specific parts that can be pretty tricky for 5-6 year olds. But if you’re doing this craft with just a handful of students or your own kids at home this craft is a lot of fun!

Making these can be a little time consuming (depending on how fast and focused your kids are- about half my students focused really well, while the other half.. did not- so it took a little under an hour to completely finish them. (Trust me, I know you can make these a lot faster than that…)

Since the directions for making these are on Catholic Icing, I’m going to focus on what I did differently.

First, instead of using yellow pipecleaners for the candles, we used green (we had a lot of green pipecleaners to spare). This meant I had to attach the little candle flames (we used sparkly yellow pipecleaners, which looked so cute!) Attaching them can be a little tricky, even for me, so make sure to do this part for the kids.

To attach the flame, I just left some space at the top of the green pipecleaner after putting on the beads, then looped the green around the yellow flame, tucking it back into the bead.

Once we finished making the candles, we looped pieces of tulle around the wreath to make it look fuller. In class, I just tied the piece to the base pipecleaner and the kids were able to wrap the tulle around it. Sometimes the tulle would get tangled with the candles but untangling it is pretty easy, and for the most part the kids handled this themselves. We wrapped two long pieces of tulle around our wreaths, wrapping the second one a little bit looser to make it look fuller.

Also, if you’re having trouble keeping your candles standing up straight (I know we sure did) focusing on wrapping the tulle tighter around the candles helps them stay up.

Another helpful hint: if there’s any parts of the tulle that are sticking out too much or parts that look a little bare, just cut a small piece (maybe three inches wide) and tie it anywhere on the wreath you see fit. We did this on a couple places on our wreaths and it helps add texture as well!

Once you’ve tied the ends of your tulle to the wreath, you can call it good! Or, if you want to make it look even more “wreath-like” you can glue some small red and green pom-poms to the wreath, like berries. My students enjoyed this part immensely!

And that’s about it! Like I said, this craft went better than I could have hoped for our first try, and it looked so cute when we were done!

*I will admit, the downside to this craft is that all four candles are lit, even though we’re only in the first week of Advent… But I don’t think my kindergartners were too concerned with this, since we discussed the order of lighting the candles, and had our own class Advent wreath to light.

Anyway, let me know if you have any questions or comments on our Advent wreath this week!

Here’s a couple examples of the advent wreaths my students made!

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